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According to shivers, it takes place approximately 10 years after best served cold. He and many of the men under him seemed disillusioned by bethods. At the very least, the power of the bloodynine is unrivaled. I see logen earning a few new scars and a broken rib or two. This novel also represents the return of logen ninefingers, one of abercrombies most beloved characters. And, like all westerns about a bad man, turned good, only to be pulled back to being bad, lamb and his adopted daughter shy return to their farm to find it burnt to the.

I have read and enjoyed every book he has written yet. In one way, im sort of sad to see logen again and think that, if anyone, he deserved to pass his time quietly outofsight, though, with his history, and the bloody nine always lurking in the shadows, its no surprise that he. Red country is the title of joe abercrombies sixth novel. Battle rages across the north, the king of the northmen still stands firm, and theres only one man who can stop him. Red country takes place in the same world as the first law trilogy, best served cold, andthe heroes.

The whole thrill of the book is about knowing who lambmore well even though this is a stand alone book, there is not much point in reading this first. His standalone novels best served cold, the heroes and red country are also set in the first law world. If you dont know who he is, what he is and what he has done in his life. When she first appears, she tries to use her resources and wiles to save the population of dagoska. They are characterized by extreme grittiness, grim wit, being on the far cynical hand of the sliding scale of idealism vs.

There is some hope on many readers parts that the character of lamb in red country will turn out to be logen the bloodynine ninefingers. The first law is a series of low fantasy novels and shortstories written by british writer joe abercrombie. And logen ninefingers, an infamous warrior with a bloody past, is about to wake up in a hole in the snow with plans to settle a blood feud with bethod, the new king of the northmen, once and for all ideally by running away from it. Red country is abercrombies love letter to the western, and unlike many that make a complete hash of the spit and sawdust stereotypes that make up the genre, he gets it magnificently as youd expect from abercrombie this is chockfull of grim humour, action and violence, and very much aimed at the cynical, gritty end of the fantasy. No, i havent read red country yet, but soon as that book appear in my country, i will read it. Lamb, who readers of joe abercrombie will immediately recognize as logen ninefingers from the first law series, squares off with the outlaw champion, glama golden. Logen nine fingers theory spoilers for everything up to and including red country so a friend of mine has read these books and we were discussing the inhuman strength and endurance and split second personality changes that take over logen when hes fighting.

Digital painting logen ninefingers, caul shivers, rudd. It was released on thursday, october 18th, 2012 in the u. Slightly dissapointed that abercrombie didnt delve into logen s split personality was there a reasoning behind how the bloody nine came into being. The first three, the dogman, rudd threetrees and logen ninefingers are from the timeline of the first law trilogy.

Red country, like the other standalone first law books, is a straight up genre work, in this case a straight up western full of civil war, indians ghosts, and sword duels on main street as this is a pregunpowdermostlyworld. Those will be immensely interesting characters in a show. I was hoping for an explanation but didnt really pick up on one. Logen nine fingers theory spoilers for everything up to. It is the third standalone novel set in the first law world. Golden knows logen from their shared past and all but submits to the man known as the bloodynine. Joel abercrombies logan ninefingers in red country october 25, 2017 i read many different types of books, but what i love to read the most is a truly badass book. Both of our logen s looks very similar in the base, but different in style. So of course red country was a huge asap, especially when early comments leaked that logen ninefingers will make his return here after more than a decade since we have last seen him in the last paragraph of the first law trilogy. The first law but a second reread or third, or fourth or. The last one, caul shivers, is from the timeline of the heroes red country. Say one thing for logen ninefingers, say hes going to did a noble death and the bloody nine will jump to a new body.

This novel also represents the return of logen ninefingers, one of. Logen ninefingers, infamous barbarian, has finally run out of luck. It certainly could be just logen and his devil blood and thats the way it works. These books are, hands down, some of the best fantasy novels around. I wasnt convinced at first, but as has often been the case with abercrombies books there was a tipping point where i realised i was absolutely hooked, with the slower ground work at the beginning being all worth it. Joe abercrombie is the author of the first law trilogy the blade itself, before they are hanged and last argument of kings. What the bloody nine is will be fully revealed in logen. He is a pointofview character in the first law trilogy and also red country. He also appears in red country, calling himself lamb. Best served cold, a standalone book set in the same world, was published in june 2009, and a second standalone, the heroes, came in january. The final novel in the first law trilogy by new york times bestseller joe abercrombie. Last argument of kings midcontinent public library. The first law trilogy introduced as initially a side character inbefore they are hanged, caul shivers was a young named northman that originally sided with bethod. Logen ninefingers still alive as revealed in red country and ferro maljinn will be the only returning characters with a pointofview.

Campbell award and the david gemmell legend awards. Abercrombies version of a northern barbarian berserker type conanwolverine amalgamin my opinion. Give him full plate, take logens master made blade. The chimneys of industry rise over adua, and the world seethes with. The bloody nine has lost nothing but a finger, the mountain lost his head. It is though he has some kind of dissociative break where everyone becomes his enemy. The return of the black company ebook written by glen cook. Speculations for joe abercrombies next the first law. Logen ninefingers and the rest spoiler alert science. Top ten quotes from the first law series the wordslinger.

Red country is for sure my favourite portrayal of logen because its all from the outside, no knowledge of his inner turmoil, and we get to see and understand what his actions look like from the perspective of someone that doesnt know his past or who he is. They have a multitude of quotable lines and its hard to narrow down only ten. Abercrombie has released a little hatred, the first book in a new trilogy set in the first law world which is set after the 3rd stand alone novel and serves as a sequel to the original trilogy. In the whole series, there is no fighter, that can rival the bloodynine without magical support. I know logen has pretty much been confirmed alive for the next book. The collected joe abercrombie by joe abercrombie books. See more ideas about fantasy characters, character art and fantasy. Last argument of kings fort vancouver regional library. Logen ninefingers aka the bloody nine ads by curse.

According to shivers, it takes place approximately 10 years after. Does everything in her power to support glokta in his defence of dagoska. Anirudh well even though this is a stand alone book, there is not much point in reading this first. Caught in one feud too many, hes on the verge of becoming a dead barbarian leaving nothing behind him but bad songs, dead friends, and a lot of happy enemies. I didnt see the artwork for either versions of bsc and the heroes that i have.

Logen ninefingers is a big, physically imposing man, with a tangled mass of hair, and deeply set dark blue eyes. When he was young, logen lived together with his father in a valley in the north. Logen ninefingers aka the bloodynine some time ago i read joe abercrombies the first law trilogy followed by best served cold, the heroes and red country. The trilogy, though, has two excellent characters in logen ninefingers, and glokta. The first law which is a trilogy, best served cold, the heroes and finally, red country. This seems pretty clear in the text from him killing tul duru, crohms kid, trying to kill ferro, even the people he loves in red country. The return of the black company by glen cook books on. Wow, whoever did the artwork for the russian covers did a pretty bang up job. Having heard that dogman and his crew had rudd threetrees as their chief, he and his two score of carls join with them and the union to fight against bethod. This is all supposing that the bloody nine is a demon hiding within logens body the cold feeling makes me think this. Logen is one main characters of the the first law trilogy. The first novel in the first law trilogy and debut fantasy novel from new york times bestseller, joe abercrombie.

The first law is a fantasy series written by british author joe abercrombie. How the book ends with logen jumping in the river is how the first book began which was quite cool but is he alive or dead. Anyway, i popped back in on the recommendation to look for logen in the other book covers and 1. Set thirteen years after the end of last argument of kings, a red country finally looks to tell the story of logen ninefinger s fate. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Red country is the most recent of joe abercrombies first law spinoff books, and im genuinely really going to miss this world. And theres red country as well, to continue logen s story a little bit.

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